Our Auctioneers are licenced professionals, with experience in all facets of auctioning motor vehicles, trucks, plant and equipment and many other items.

Our auctions are conducted from a fixed auction box with an auctioneer and two spotters, with all bids appearing on the large television screens in the auction lane.

We also run a live simulcast for all our auctions, this enables all buyers and viewers to watch and bid on the auction live and in real time. It is broadcast using streaming video and audio and no extra hardware or programs are needed to be downloaded to watch these sales.

You can also now pre bid, pre inspect, you can also bid or view via your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

For more infomation about simulcast click here

Off Site auctions are conducted in the same manner as above but sometimes have to be varied according to customer requirements and site OHS regulations.

Please contact for more information.

Vehicle Presentation and Rectification

In order to secure the best possible price for our client’s cars, UAA invests heavily in the presentation of the cars. UAA has its own quality presentation procedure which include:
  • All decals removed
  • Buffed
  • Washed
  • Engines steam cleaned
  • Vacuumed
  • Carpets and Seats shampooed
  • Glass cleaned
  • Tyres shined
  • Hand polished
We also provide a total Autofleet Service including the following
  • automotive rectification and repair,
  • Dentless (PDR),
  • Paint and panel,
  • Trim,
  • Tyres,
  • Automotive Glass repair and replacement,
  • Auto Electrical,
  • Transmission, Differential, Brakes, Clutch and all drive train components rectification,
  • New Vehicle Recall and Warranty work
This is all conducted on site in a One Stop Shop. For more information call 02 4967 9400 or


This is an online web based platform exclusively for Fleet Owners and vendors to monitor and track their assets whilst they are in our care.

Access to this is provided securely and is password protected to provide you with the confidence that only authorised personnel have control of your assets.

For more information call 02 4967 9400 or

Tender Sales

Similar to the Online Auction, the online tender process allows potential purchasers to tender on items that are catalogued, photographed, inspected and detailed. For more information call 02 4967 9400 or

Fixed Price


It is important to UAA’s dealers and clients that their vehicles are always available for sale. Accordingly we operate a strong wholesale service which assists our clients in selling their cars at any time outside of the auction process.

Fixed Price

The program initiated over 10 years ago has proved to be a great success. It works by targeting buyers who are not comfortable with the auction or from a retail environment. The net is the buyer’s showroom; this is particularly convenient for the private buyer. All cars are displayed with the full-on road costs. Once a bid is accepted the purchaser pays a security deposit which secures the vehicle for 5 days. Typically, fix price is suitable for late model vehicles, with the balance of manufacturers’ warranty. The benefit to vendor is they receive a sale price above the auction reserve.